Quand je pose ma tête sur ta cuisse

with Daniel Zea Gomez _ Electro acoustic and video composition

password : SarahSarah


Choreography, stage direction and performer _ Sarah Bronsard

Electro acoustic and video composition _ Daniel Zea Gomez

Performer _ Joao Fernando Cabral, Daniele Ninarello, Steve Paulet


20 minutes


The play is concerned with the fact that the human needs the other to know himself, needs the gaze of the other to discover aspects of himself. It takes as its starting point the moments of intimacy where we accept to be simply seen by the other: naked, in every sense of the term, without doing anything. To be accompanied, without being taken. The project emerges from an observation that many men do not know the involuntary movement of their testicles, caused by the cremaster and dartos muscles which allow thermal regulation of the scrotum. It is often the partner who, in moments of relaxation and intimacy, can observe these movements. Sarah Bronsard's fascination with micro-movements questions here the relationship to male intimacy, the mastery of the body in dance performers and the objectification of the body. In a space where images, music and movements play on diffraction and from the unveiling, Sarah Bronsard probes in this piece the contours between interior and exterior, masculine and feminine, intimacy and exteriority.


Quand je pose ma tête sur ta cuisse  is a choreographic installation created in situ in the library of the Abbey of Royaumont, during the last stage of the Transforme cursus in 2011, in collaboration with the composer Daniel Zea Gomez and the performers.