Video dance

Camera, editing and sound _ Olivier Arseneault 

Choreography and interpretation _ Sarah Bronsard

Audio art and robotics _ Patrick Saint-Denis


9 minutes 


Estran is a videodance adapted from Èbe, a choreographic installation for a chorus of five robot-accordions and a solo choreography anchored in Flamenco. It invites the viewer into the intertidal zone. The dancer and breathing accordions dialogue with a vast environment, co-habitating with the life forms that swell, sag and hide, following the rhythm of the tides. Playing between different temporalities and scales, it offers an intimate dive into a choreography filled with micro-movements and lively amplitude.


“Èbe” means the receding tide in French. What is revealed when the tide goes out? What is revealed when the music fades, when the Flamenco body quiets down?


The video dance was broadcast by the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival in September 2020.


The project was captured at Domaine Floravie and benefited from creative residencies at the Théâtre du Bic.