Ce qui émerge après (4kg)

with Jonathan Parant _ electroacoustic composition

and Simon Laroche _ robotics

Choreography, stage direction and performer_Sarah Bronsard

Electroacoustic composition_Jonathan Parant

Robotics_Simon Laroche

 Lightings design_Paul Chambers


25 minutes


4 kg is the weight of dead skin that a human loses on average each year. Created in 2012, the 4kg piece aimed at the inevitable time for all things to mature in an encounter between flamenco and contemporary dance, electroacoustic composition, flamenco musicians and robotics. In 2013, a human is born: an anchor that opens your eyes and a new presence in the world takes hold. Desire for larger space, fluidity, clarity. Ce qui émerge après (4kg)  is a being, an exchange, a landscape, an ecosystem - and we are here to observe what is taking shape.


Ce qui émerge après (4kg) premiered on May 8, 9 and 10, 2014 by Tangente at the Monument National (Montreal) followed by a European tour (France, Wales, Italy, Netherlands) from May 14 to June 6 in Dance Roads through the Canada Council for the Arts tour grant. The piece was also presented at the festival Flamenco Montréal 2014.