4 kg

with Vergil Sharkya’ _ electroacoustic composition

and Simon Laroche _ robotics

 Choreography and stage direction_ Sarah Bronsard

 Electroacoustic composition_Vergil Sharkya’

 Robotics_Simon Laroche

Flamenco singing_Hedi Graja

Flamenco guitar_Dominique Soulard


20 minutes


The rhythmic song of the cicada, its underground progression and its emergence are its poetic supports. 4kg is the weight of dead skin that a human loses on average each year and is interested in the inevitable time of maturation of all things. 4kg is a meeting between flamenco and contemporary dance, electroacoustic composition, flamenco musicians and robotics.


Touched by the perseverance with which humans must invest in order to progress towards their specificity, I became interested in the imagination surrounding the cicada and its resonance with human life. Like the insect that walks several years underground before moulting to reveal its imago, and only living in the open air for a few days, humans undertake a unique journey which no one can trace the path to. advance, no guaranteed outcome. A silent, blind and lonely work, made up of trial and error, resistance and confrontation, but also spaces of abandonment, play and freedom.


Created in 2012, 4kg begins with a collaboration with the French choreographer and butoh dancer Béryl Breuil, followed by sound recordings in the south of France, from a residency at Mains d'Oeuvres (St-Ouen, France) and at Studio 303 (Montreal), to culminate in its final form presented June 2012 at Studio 303 and MAI as part of the FRINGE festival. The piece received the "Best Original Creation - Any Category" award from Cirque du Soleil and was nominated for the "Most Promising Choreographer" award by the Bouge d'Ici collective.