As an interdisciplinary artist, I explore the fertile tension of "between". This is revealed between the states of the body, between traditions, between beings, between artistic disciplines and between the various relationships to time. I favor co-creations with artists from various practices and each project is an opportunity to develop common interdisciplinary referents around which to dialogue. Settling in this space "between" requires mutual listening and abandonment of instability that allow us to find a new balance, together.


My relationship with movement is rooted in flamenco, a rigorously codified art where dance and music are intimately linked. By its constant play of tension build-ups and explosive releases, flamenco fuels in me a state of desire, of going backwards; an interval tension which is constantly renewed in an erotic relationship with the living. Rather than a hardness that slows movement, flamenco has taught me to perceive tension as a constant adaptation, a living movement between contraction and expansion. My choreographic creations develop moreover in the tension, although sometimes uncomfortable, between my respect for the flamenco tradition and the desire to create outside the referents imposed by this tradition.


The macroscopic and microscopic phenomena that subconsciously influence our lives beyond our daily perceptions and the need to explore other relationships with time are revealed at the very heart of the subjects that challenge me. Thus the movement of the tides in Ebe, the deployment of the bryophytes in the rustling of mosses, the time and loss inherent in any gestation in What emerges after (4kg). The excitement experienced in discovering the poignant fragility of things (mono no aware) resonates strongly within my creative process which reveals, often against my will, a certain melancholy.



Sarah Bronsard is a choreographer based in Montreal. She finds her most fertile ground on the contemporary dance scene after a multidisciplinary course including musical training, blown glass, digital arts and a career as a painter. Her projects - supported by the Canada Council for the Arts (CAC) and the Quebec Council for the Arts and Letters (CALQ) - have been presented in Quebec (Tangente, Society for Technological Arts), in Europe (Royaumont Abbey in France , Chapter in Wales, Italy, Netherlands) and in Asia (Japan). She is the recipient of the "Best Original Creation" award from Cirque du Soleil, the Pierre Lapointe award and the David-Killbrun award for her project Dans l’écho des racines.


In addition to her choreographic practice, she was a performer for the contemporary jitter company [ZØGMA] and in 2019 she completed a master's thesis in research-creation at the Dance Department of UQAM around the issues of intercorporeity in the interartistic relationship. She was recently in creation residency at the "Tokyo Arts and Space Residency" (Japan) thanks to the support of CALQ to initiate the Le Bruissement de mousses project, which is interested in the perception of mosses (bryophytes) in Japanese spirituality and aesthetics . In parallel, she is conducting research on the encounter between flamenco and step dance within the same corporeality in the project Dans l'écho des racines

crédit photo : Anne-Marie Baribeau
crédit photo : Anne-Marie Baribeau