Ce qui émerge après (4kg)



Sarah Bronsard - choreography and mise en scène

Jonathan Parant - electroacoustic composition

Simon Laroche - robotics

Paul Chambers - light design

Four kilograms is the weight of skin cells a human sheds every year. Created in 2012, the piece 4kg concerned the inevitable time a maturation process takes through an encounter between flamenco and contemporary dance, electroacoustic composition, flamenco musicians and robotic.


Now a human being is born; an anchor point opens the horizon and a new presence in the world settles. Desires of wider spaces, of fluidity, of clarity. Ce qui émerge après (4kg) is a being, a dialogue, a landscape, an ecosystem — and we are to observe it, taking shape.


Presented at Monument National (Montreal) by Tangente, on may 8, 9 and 10th 2014, followed by the Dance Roads international tour made possible by a dance touring grant from the Canada Council for the arts.