4 kg



Sarah Bronsard - choreography and mise en scène

Vergil Sharkya’ - electroacoustic composition

Simon Laroche - robotic

Hedi Graja - flamenco singing

Dominique Soulard - flamenco guitar

4kg is an encounter between flamenco and contemporary dance, electroacoustic composition, flamenco musicians and robotics. The cadenced singing of cicada, its subterranean journey and its emergence form the poetic substratum of the piece. 4kg is the weight of dead skin cells a human sheds every year and concerns the inevitable time maturation needs.


Moved by the perseverance human needs to proceed towards its specificity, Sarah Bronsard investigated the symbolism of cicada and its resonance with human life. As the insect evolves below ground for years, molts to reveal its imago and lives only a few days in the open air, human undertake a unique path no one can trace ahead, with uncertain conclusion. A silent work, blind and solitary, full of trial and error, resistances and confrontations, but also with areas of trust, exhuberance, playfulness and emancipation.


Created in 2012, 4kg begins in collaborative work with choreographer and butoh dancer Béryl Breuil, followed by cicada sound recordings in southern France, a residency in Mains d’Oeuvres (St-Ouen, France) and at Studio 303 (Montreal, Canada), to find its ultimate form in Montreal, presented in june 2012 at Studio 303 and MAI during the FRINGE festival. The piece recieved the price «Cirque du Soleil – Best original creation» and a nomination for the price «Bouge d’Ici – Most promising Choreography, Choreographer».

Creation residency at studio 303 (mai 2012)